Alternating each year between biking (even years) and canoeing (odd years), this is a tremendously popular program with our teen campers! Camp Woodbrooke’s teen sessions are designed to enhance the Woodbrooke experience with activities and skill development appropriate to campers ages 13-15.  These sessions are open to campers who:

  • are at least 13 years old
  • have completed the 7th grade
  • are interested in learning a wide range of wilderness skills

There are personal and group challenges inherent in this type of camp program.  It is expected that the participants have a sound level of maturity.  In addition certain medical or psychological conditions may make participation in this type of program difficult.  Please contact the Camp Director with any questions or concerns.

Teen Canoe Trip

(odd years)

      • A professional, highly experienced river guide will lead the canoeing trip.
      • Staged on some of Wisconsin’s best canoeing rivers, the weather will be a factor in choosing the location each year. Campers will always be wearing personal flotation devices while canoeing. Practice opportunities on Woodbrooke’s pond before a trip will cover basic canoe strokes and maneuvers, righting swamped canoes, and safety and emergency protocol.

Teen Bike Trip

(even years)

      • Taking advantage of our glorious Elroy-Sparta, 400 State Trail, and other Rails to Trails throughout Wisconsin.
      • Teens spend the first couple days taking short day trips to make sure their bikes are in good order to do a 100 mile trip! We bike through tunnels, over hills, into small towns and amazing lands. We also do a special day outing to break up the trip by floating down the Kickapoo, rock climbing, or some other small adventure.




Adventure Awaits You!

Our teen adventure trips are a great way to:

        • have life affirming conversations with mentors you meet on the trip
        • bond with a group and make lifelong friends
        • have incredible conversations about life and those questions you’ve been dying to discuss
        • learn outdoor skills to be able to survive a zombie apocalypse
        • challenge yourself and succeed
        • gain new freedoms and responsibilities


        • sleeping under the stars or pitching tents each night
        • falling asleep to crickets chirping, owls hooting, and a creek or river babbling
        • different campsites each night (think islands, sandbars or in the middle of the woods!)
        • cooking over a fire
        • sunsets you don’t want to miss
        • swimming in a river or exploring a creek
        • canoeing on a river
        • learning wilderness living skills through experience and small workshops


There will be at least one adult counselor over 21 years of age at all times and extra leaders as needed when the group is out of camp on outings.  The adult counselors will be trained to help support adolescents during this type of challenging camp program.  They will have water safety and appropriate first aid training.  The counselors will nurture increasing leadership roles for each camper and will have activities planned so no one will be bored! Counselors will help campers with the skills needed to live outdoors for this two week adventure.  Our activities are planned for Southwest Wisconsin so that transportation for out of camp trips is held to a minimum.  Campers experience taking responsible roles in group living.  Each session includes a service project.


More details of this year’s session will be added as plans are confirmed.  If you have questions before then, feel free to contact us Out-of-camp teens can expect to hike or canoe all day, carrying personal and group gear in all kinds of weather conditions.  They will sleep in primitive campsites or in shelters the group builds, and cook their own meals.  Transportation will be in cars or minivans with drivers (at least 25 years old) approved by Woodbrooke’s insurance company.